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KM 1300 Sandblasting Cabinet

Pressure sandblasting cabins; It is produced for manual or automatic sandblasting of small parts.
KM-1300 Sandblasting Cabin; Air Consumption: 300-1000 lt/min, Working Pressure: 2-12 Bar, Abrasive Type: Glass Ball (Glass sand), Aluminum oxide etc.
In automatic machines, sandblasting guns are fixed inside the machine at appropriate angles and heights. After the operator puts the material to be sandblasted into the machine, he starts the machine and performs the sandblasting process of the product.
In addition to our production of standard size sandblasting cabins, we also manufacture sandblasting cabins of larger sizes or where two operators can work at the same time.

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Technical Detail

Model KM 1300
Working Area Size (mm) 1300*1000*1000
Machine Size (mm) 1400*1450*2000
Cover Size (axh)(mm) 860*780
Filter Type Cartridge Filter
Filter Quantity 1
Air Consumption (m3/min) 1
Electric (V) 380
Pressure (Bar) 2-12
Abrasive Type Glass Sand, Aluminum oxide
Turntable (mm) 420
Turntable Carrying Capacity (Kg) 350

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