Parts washing machines are generally used to clean engine parts or vehicle spare parts in the automotive industry, and to clean machine parts and metal parts in the industry. The parts washing machine performs the cleaning process with the help of cleaning solvents and pressurized water or through ultrasonic vibrations.

Types of parts washing machines

  • Manual
  • With Rotating Basket
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Ultrasonic
  • Immersion Type
  • Diesel Particulate Cleaning (DPF)

As Garage Technic, we constantly improve ourselves to produce machines with a long service life through the use of quality materials, meticulous and planned manufacturing. In order to always keep our customers' satisfaction at the highest level, we meticulously implement production planning, material supply, shipment and after-sales support steps. You can always contact us to get detailed information about the features of our machines and parts washing machine prices.

Our main machines serving in the field of Industrial Parts Washing, which we produce and plan for in the machinery and manufacturing sector, are as follows: Rotary Basket Parts Washing Machine, Manual Parts Washing Machine, Conveyor Belt Tunnel Parts Washing Machine, Ultrasonic Parts Washing Machine, Immersion Type Parts Washing Machine, and Diesel Particulate Cleaning Machine. These machines are used for cleaning parts produced in various fields such as automotive, aviation, rail systems, defense industry, machining, and aerospace.

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