PY 180 Manual Parts Washing Machine

Industrial Parts Washing Machines are designed to clean the carbon, oil, grease, various chemicals and pollution formed on the surface of the parts.
Parts washing machine is generally used in automotive industry, industrial production areas, aircraft industry, ship industry, defense industry sectors. It is also frequently used in auto services, auto repair shops and machinery manufacturing workshops.
Our company, which produces sensitive, long-lasting and high quality cabin part washing machines for waste and recycling for a clean livable world, is at the service of our customers by producing at world standards with the mission of customer satisfaction. You can contact our company to get information about cabin parts washing machine prices.

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Technical Detail

Model PY 180
Dimensions Working Area (Mm ) 950 x 650
Pump Pressure (Bar) 50-60
Pump (Pcs) 1
Pump Capacity 3
Heater 2
Heater Power ( Kw ) 2.5
Electric 380/3
Parts Washing Brush Standart
Thermostat  (°C ) 0-120
Body Structure AISI Chrome
Tank Capacity (Lt) 90
Cover System Pnömatic

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