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GARAGE TECHNIC, has been active in the garage equipment field as a manufacturer of Industrial Parts Washing Machines in Konya, Turkey. The first product was an Industrial Parts Washing Machines which gained a significant market share in only a short time because of its superior quality and has been exported for many different countries.

Since then, we continue to expand our product range with several Service & Garage Equipments . Now, we have several machines and equipment for services, garages, tyre shops and work shops. To propose original and innovative technologies and to anticipate market requirements, we are working continuously and always using high quality raw materials and parts in the production.

Our mission is to meet the latest customer requirements, develop new technologies and perfect machines with increasing their productivity, profitability and combining user-friendly features. Our target is to have a leading position on the international market.


Why Garage Technic ?

Garage Technic have wide range of products for Garages & Services. The quality, design and technology of the machines are the latest and best.

Our engineering & sales department support the customers after sales when need any information or any problem.

We can offer different solutions regarding the customer needs.

We trust our products so that all the products have warranty against manufacturing defects.

Regarding the customer demands, we provide best delivery solutions with the transport partners.

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Simplify your choice

Choosing a product is, and has always been, difficult and full of troubles… even for professionals.

The quality of automotive products has currently reached the point where high level technology of automotive equipment, combined with almost countless upgrading accessories, makes it complicated to find the product which best suits your needs.

Garage Technic has always been attentive to customer’s needs, and so the Garage Technic product range is based on specific dedicated use, making it simple to identify, in view of the primary purpose of the product, which product is better for your specific requirements.

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Innovative Technologies

Garage Technic has always believed and continues to believe in innovation. With following new technologies, we offer best solutions to the customers.

All the machines and equipments are manufactured under the control of Garage Technic quality to provide same high quality on all products and to supply original and innovative technologies.

We are controlling all the machines during the producing, after producing and final inspection before shipment. Our aim is to continuously guarantee customer satisfaction.

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