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TWM 100 Series Tunnel Parts Washing Machine

Automotive Industry
Aircraft Industry
Shipbuilding Industry
Military Industry
Metal Industry


The materials to be washed are placed in a basket or directly on the speed-adjustable conveyor belt. The materials to be washed pass through the spray washing unit, spray rinsing unit, air blowing and drying units respectively and arrive at the unloading platform.

Continuous continuous washing can be performed by hand or by means of a conveyor system. The nozzles are designed to scan every point of the material.

Surface cleaning of the desired quality can be achieved by adjusting the washing pressure, nozzle placements and processes according to the oil, sawdust and residue in the material to be washed.

Depending on the process, the unit can be increased or decreased as desired.

Our company can manufacture parts washing machines in desired sizes and features.

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Technical Detail

Model TWM 100
Machine Dimensions Optional
Cabinet Dimensions Optional
Washing Line Pre-washing / Washing / Rinsing / Pure water rinsing
Drying Room and Fan Optional
Pump Power and Piece 3 Hp - Optional
Pump Structure Stainless steel - Ceramic seal
Heater Optional
Electric/phase Optional
Band Safety Optional
Thermal and Engine Protection Optional
Timer 0-90 min.
Thermostat 0-120 °C
Body Structure AISI Chrome
Band and Chain Structure AISI Chrome
Total storage volume Optional
Loading system Manuel

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