GT230L08 Scissors Lifts

Using the battery as the power, energy saving, and environmental protection, zero-emission, noiseless, suitable for indoor flat ground and high-altitude operation environment with high environmental requirements.

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Technical Detail

Model GT230L08
Max Lifting Capacity (Kg) 230
Sliding Case Lifting Capacity (Kg) 120
Max Number Of Personel 2
Turn Diameter 170
Closed Speed (Km/h) 3.5
Opem Speed (Km/h) 0.8
Max Driving Tilt (%) 25
Max Operating Tilt 1.5°
Wheel Diameter (mm) 300
Engine 3.3 kv 24v
Battery 2x12v 150ah
Integrated Power Unit 24v 25a
Weight (Kg) 1350
Working Height (m) 8.00
Platform Height (m) 4.00
Ground Clearance (cm) 2.00
Standart Features Proportional Control
Self - Locking Platform
Driving at Maximum Height
Trackless Tires
Automatic Braking System
Emergency Stop Button
Emergency Lowering System
Cylinder Holding Valve
Tilt Sensor
Alarm in All Movements
Forklift Pockets
Charge Protection
Pliable Railings
Warning Light
Optional Features AC Power Up To
Weight Sensor
Lighting System On The
Air Outlet Up To
Impact Sensor

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