JDT1026 - 10'' 26'' Wheel Straightening & Lathe Machine

The Force Hydraulic Rim Press machine, designed and manufactured to eliminate minor bending and crushing of the rims that cause big problems in balance, is the complement of the wheel alignment and balancing machines.

JDT1026 Rim Press machine is designed for straightening rims of 10”-26” sizes. It works on the working principle of fixed balancing machines. It is a hydraulic and electrical machine. The crooked parts detected on the rims with the help of a gauge are corrected with the machine's piston with a maximum power of 7500 kg. With its controlled and automatic rotation feature, the machine provides suitable working conditions on the rim. There is a hydraulic structure that is activated when the hydraulic engine pumps oil.

Automotive Industry

    *Automobile, Truck, Bus Service areas
Aircraft Industry

    *Aircraft maintenance and repair hangars
Defense Industry

    *Wheeled defense vehicles maintenance workshops

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Technical Detail

Model JDT1026
Maximum Rim Diameter 10'' 26''
Maximum Rim Width 12''
Hydraulic Engine Power 0,757 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
Axle Engine Power 100 Hp, 100 rpm, 0.75 kw
Working Pressure 0-250 bar ( Standard 150 bar )
Sound Level 70 dBA
Dimensions (mm) 1250*700*1500 mm
Weight (Kg) 400

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