JDT1028 - 10'' 28'' Wheel Straightening & Lathe Machine

JDT1028 Rim Press machine, designed and manufactured to eliminate minor bending and dents in rims that cause major problems in balance, is a complement to wheel alignment and balancing machines.

JDT1028 Rim Press machine is designed for straightening rims of 10”-28” sizes. It works on the working principle of fixed balancing machines. It is a hydraulic and electrical machine. The crooked parts detected on the rims with the help of a gauge are corrected with the machine's piston with a maximum power of 7500 kg. With its controlled and automatic rotation feature, the machine provides suitable working conditions on the rim. There is a hydraulic structure that is activated when the hydraulic engine pumps oil.

Automotive Industry

    *Automobile, Truck, Bus Service areas
Aircraft Industry

    *Aircraft maintenance and repair hangars
Defense Industry

    *Wheeled defense vehicles maintenance workshops

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Technical Detail

Model JDT1028
Maximum Rim Diameter 10'' 28''
Maximum Rim Width 12''
Hydraulic Engine Power 0,757 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
Axle Engine Power 100 Hp, 100 rpm, 0.75 kw
Working Pressure 0-250 bar ( Standard 150 bar )
Sound Level 70 Dba
Dimensions (mm) 1250*700*1500
Weight (Kg) 400

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